Game Review: Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Soooo, I decided to write a review on the first ever Zelda game I have played to completion and only the second Zelda game I’ve played full stop.
This game already has high praise and it is well and truly deserved with many calling it the best Zelda game ever made.

And so without further ado here is my review of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of T-“HEY!”
Navi not now, I’m trying to write a re-“HEY LISTEN!”
Navi shut up, I just told you I’m trying to write a review for the ga-“HEY!”

I’m sorry readers, I lost my cool there for a second but it’s fine. The er, situation has been…taken care of (No fairies were harmed in the making of this review)

BUT ANYWAY, back to what I was saying about Ocarina of Time.
So the basic story is you’re a young hero tasked with saving Hyrule from the King of Evil Ganondorf. You do this by beating different dungeons and temples and collecting various items that will help you along the way.
I had trouble with the game at first because it had been years since I had played a N64 and had to get used to the controller again, but after a few hours, I was able to control Link fairly fluently and progress quite smoothly.
However, this game was far from easy, I spent 90% of the game wondering around because I couldn’t figure out what to do next. Admittedly, that’s probably down to me not keeping track of where I had already been or using the map and compass effectively but some parts of the game were so confusing they made my head hurt.
I’m not saying it’s one of the most difficult games ever, because it’s just not but it’s the first game to challenge me in quite a while and I think that’s pretty good. What’s the point of playing a game if you can just beat it like it was nothing?
While on the subject of difficulty one of the bosses kinda annoyed me, not because it was difficult, it was the exact opposite in fact. The boss of the Spirit Temple (which is the last temple before the final battle at Ganon’s Tower) was stupidly easy and it pissed me off. I was expecting to die at least 5 times before beating it but no, I beat it 1st try and didn’t even lose 5 hearts. The Two Witches were such a let down in terms of difficulty, the penultimate boss should make you dread what comes next but they just didn’t.
However, all the bosses were so brilliantly designed, they all looked amazing. Every boss was so different to the last and it was like someone had taken a 10 year old’s art book and said, “Yeah, these are our bosses”
They were all awesome to look at and the majority were challenging to beat.

There’s actually some replay value to the game too, there’s many side quests you can undertake and secret items and spells you can get to give that extra edge when trying to beat the game. Each side quest is interesting albeit sometimes confusing to accomplish. Some you can’t beat unless you know or happen to come across something or someone
(running guy) randomly and then guess what you need to do. My advice to anyone playing this game therefore is to be curious about everything, talk to everyone and leave no stone unturned, explore everything and travel every inch of Hyrule. It will make the game longer but you’ll get more stuff. Don’t expect anything to come easy in this game because it takes your time and effort to get 100% in this game.

But if you’re not really interested in getting every item, then just ignore the side quests, the main story is still gripping and fun to play through. The dialogue is kinda slow but hey, maybe I’m just impatient.

Overall, this game is well designed, controls pretty well, has a decent story, a lot of challenging puzzles and enemies and was a lot of fun to play. I give it a 9/10 and may invest my time in some other Zelda games in the future.

Thanks for reading.


Kings of Gaming: Nintendo

This one is dedicated purely to, perhaps, the greatest gaming company on the planet; Nintendo. Throughout the last couple of decades Nintendo has gained the respect and love of millions of gamers. They may not have the best technology or the best graphics in their games but Nintendo know their audience like no other company. They cater for many different people and offer a wide variety of games. You may say ‘Well so do other companies’ however, the games that Nintendo produce inspire more happiness in gamers than anything else could. Nintendo has given us such games as ‘Legend of Zelda’ and the ‘Super Mario’ series alongside others only available on their consoles such as the Pokemon series produced by GameFreak. As a gamer I found no greater joy than when playing these games and the reason I think these games are loved so much is because Nintendo doesn’t go over the top. Companies like Microsoft and Sony will produce games and focus so much on how it looks that they sometimes forget that games are supposed to tell a story and connect to those playing. Nintendo rarely makes that mistake. However while I sing their praises for this reason I must also say that in recent years Nintendo has left me feeling disappointed. When the Nintendo Wii was released I looked upon it in awe. I was expecting so much after playing the Gameboy and the Gamecube but the Wii just didn’t deliver. Neither did the DS or 3DS. Don’t get me wrong they are great consoles and have many good qualities but they lack that special quality that previous Nintendo consoles had. I will never look at a Wii or a DS and think ‘That was worth every penny’ but, even today, I still think of the Gameboy and Gamecube and genuinely smile; I want to play them again. The reason Nintendo were the Kings of Gaming, in my opinion, was because they made consoles that you literally fell in love with. You didn’t see them as machines, you saw them as part of your life of gaming and would keep them in your memories no matter what came next. That’s the Nintendo that everyone fell in love with and that’s the Nintendo I want to see come back.