Ramblings 3

I keep picking up this pen and just writing.

I don’t have a thought in mind when I do. I just start writing and see where I go.

Not very far normally.

I do like this pen though; I’d never owned a fountain pen before but I am enjoying using it.

I think the kind of pen you write with is important.

You can’t just use any old ballpoint. It needs to feel comfortable and your hand should flow across the page; some pens are an utter joy to use, whereas others are terrible and completely stunt any kind of creativity in what I write.

It really does make a huge difference.

Just like the room you’re in, the sounds in your environment; the pen is an equal factor in how productive your writing will be.

I guess my advice to anyone who enjoys writing is to treat yourself to a really nice pen and watch how the words just stream out of it.

But hey, if you’re fine with whatever writing implement comes to hand, then go for it.


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