Ramblings 4

I don’t really know what to write about today. That’s the point of rambling I suppose but I really don’t know what to write today.

There’s no flow, just me scrawling on the paper hoping something interesting appears.

What should I write about?

I’m trying to be healthier, it’s not going well. I’m getting lazy with the food I’m eating.

Work keeps my weight fairly consistent. Retail can be quite demanding sometimes but I need to get more exercise into my routine.

I’ve always been lazy but at least I’m quite proactive at work, I’m only lazy at home now.

But yeah, I just need to get motivated to be active.


Ramblings 3

I keep picking up this pen and just writing.

I don’t have a thought in mind when I do. I just start writing and see where I go.

Not very far normally.

I do like this pen though; I’d never owned a fountain pen before but I am enjoying using it.

I think the kind of pen you write with is important.

You can’t just use any old ballpoint. It needs to feel comfortable and your hand should flow across the page; some pens are an utter joy to use, whereas others are terrible and completely stunt any kind of creativity in what I write.

It really does make a huge difference.

Just like the room you’re in, the sounds in your environment; the pen is an equal factor in how productive your writing will be.

I guess my advice to anyone who enjoys writing is to treat yourself to a really nice pen and watch how the words just stream out of it.

But hey, if you’re fine with whatever writing implement comes to hand, then go for it.

Ramblings 2

Music is quite surreal, it’s just sound waves but somehow it makes us feel all manner of things.

It can make us happy, sad, excited, tired and so much more.

Could you imagine a world without music? I myself don’t think I could cope without it.

It’s unreal what music does, you feel it coursing through your veins, piercing your very soul.

It flows freely. Unyielding.

How anyone can be without music is beyond me. It’s beautiful, everlasting and one of the few things that makes the human race great.

I’m enjoying rambling like this. Instead of keeping in my head, I’m putting words to the page and I had forgotten how therapeutic that could be.

Let’s see how long I keep it up.


Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Perhaps the most famous of poetry to be written.

Sonnet 18 a masterpiece? No, it should be respected of course, but nothing can truly be a masterpiece. It’s all subjective, opinions differ and times change. What was once mocked, such as Van Gogh’s art, may be seen and revered in the future and vice versa.

I wonder if anyone will ever look at my work in the future and truly appreciate it? Highly unlikely, but a nice thought nonetheless. My writing would have to have a chance of being published to even entertain that possibility and I doubt I’ll ever be published.

I’m not a novelist and poetry just isn’t as popular as it’s hard back cousins.

Am I bitter?

No. I write because I enjoy it, not for recognition. I’ve put pieces online, sure, but I just thought I’d share what I wrote.

Maybe I’ll post this online, I did say I’d make more of an effort to write. But would the ramblings of a nineteen year old really appeal to the internet?

Does it matter?

In the grand scheme of things, no. Even the short term is up for debate.

But alas, if I had no intention of posting this, I wouldn’t have asked the question in the first place.

I find myself becoming more open online. Too much sometimes, it’s odd. This sense of privacy some of us have about the internet. We share so much, thinking the online world will never cross with the world we live in. This naivety will, no doubt, be the downfall of many, but those who are just as open offline will have less to fear than their introvert neighbours.

Which category will I fall into I wonder?

Let’s Give This Another Go…

Let’s give this another go…

This whole writing thing                                                                                                               I don’t do it enough                                                                                                                     I’m struggling lately                                                                                                                   Finding inspiration is tough.

But I’m trying again                                                                                                                   Because it’s something I love                                                                                                     And you should do things you like                                                                                             Find inspiration and rise above.

I did set myself a goal                                                                                                                 And I’m gonna try to stick to it                                                                                                 Write more often                                                                                                                         And try not to quit.

But yeah, I’m still busy                                                                                                               Life is tiring right now                                                                                                               It’s a good tiring though                                                                                                             But it means I can’t make a solid vow.

All I can say is,

Let’s give this another go…