I Am Grateful…

So lately, I’ve been thinking about people. People I love, people who have stuck with me to the present time and people who were left behind.
I think about how those people affected me, how we spent our time together and the things I learned from those people. Some of those people I don’t necessarily care much for now but they used to be quite good friends at one point.
To every person who played a part in getting me to where I am today, I am grateful.
I am grateful to those who I’ve fallen out with, not because I like those people, but because I have some pretty good memories that stem from the time we were friends. I am grateful to those people because during a time where I felt like I had no-one and nothing they showed me kindness and gave me, to this day, the best birthday I ever had.
I am grateful they were there then and I’m also grateful they’re not here now. Breaking apart is sometimes a nice thing to do and although I harbour no negative feelings for them, I thank them for not sticking around.
I am grateful to my family, they’re annoying and incredibly difficult to live with but I’m grateful.
I am grateful to the friends I have now, the ones who I can count on even though we live over 200 miles apart, they give me stability in life and a reason to keep smiling.
I am grateful for all these people.

And I am grateful for you, my readers. Thank you, for reading this blog, however few of you there are, I appreciate you taking time out of your day to read what I write. Every second is precious and I am grateful that you would use even one of those seconds for me.

Thank you.


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