Help me out

Hello readers, I would quite like your help, if you would be so kind to oblige.

I’ve been struggling for some inspiration, between planning for larger posts that is, and I’m thinking you can help me.
My suggestion or rather the favour I ask of you is to just, perhaps, leave a comment of a topic, object or idea you would like me to attempt to write a poem, (or short story maybe?) about.
So, I’ll leave this with you guys, I’d appreciate the comments but if you don’t like the idea then that’s cool too.

Well, I’ll stop there, as always, thanks for reading.


6 thoughts on “Help me out

  1. well, i don’t know if you ever stumbled upon Bukowski’s work.
    man, that person will be a hell lot of inspiration for you.

    I don’t know your genre, but philosophy is admired by most.
    So, give it a try and don’t forget to thank me later.

      • Cheers.
        Yeah, man there are a hell lot of amusing people out there, you’ll find more,
        and yeah a lot of inspiration waits to be tapped upon.

        i read your “a-whirlwind-of-emotions”, brilliant,

        “pencils”, one word, marvelous,
        and for that draft thing, its’ imperfections are kinda beautiful.

        “love and technology”, sweet.

        and “from the first love”, i think Sia should consider making a song on it.
        It’s kind of her stuff.

        well man, i can go on appreciating your poetry,
        but you know, then it kinda loses its point, most of them are simply put, great.

        and for the stuck thing,
        well, everyone, even the greatest artists feel stuck, sometimes,

        its called writer’s block or poet’s block,
        Google it, yeah new tab.
        they might have some solutions to it.

        but its’ just temporary, you know.
        Hold on to the spark.

    You MUST carve out time for poetry writing more often,
    you know, you are pretty awesome at it.
    Schedule it, daily or weekly as you feel like.

    and for the inspiration thing, as of the matter you know,
    if you look for it hard enough, you will find it.
    You just have to keep looking.

    “May your arrows fly straight and your aim be true,
    May i will be able to help you too.”

    And yeah, it stuck to me when i scavenged in my poetry folder,
    i got other half baked two liners, but they aren’t poem stuff, just rhyming,

    have a look at ” minimal pair words “, yeah Google it, new tab, now,
    they may help you in constructing your poems.

    Glad you got to meet me. 😛

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