A Whirlwind of Emotions…

I wasn’t planning this post but one of my friends posted a tweet that included the words, “a whirlwind of emotions” and all of a sudden my hands went mad and I wrote this in 5 minutes.
Hope you enjoy.

A whirlwind of emotions,
That control every notion,
As you’re just going through the motions
Wishing you had a potion,

Just to take it all away,
But hey,
I guess that’s just the way,
That things have to stay.

So you just go,
And you don’t know,
Who to leave and who to follow,
Uncertain about tomorrow,

But I guess we’ll see,
How things are gonna be,
Holding a lock with no key.

A key to your dreams,
And it seems,
That there are no teams,
But the sun still beams,

Giving you hope,
Helping you cope,
So you don’t sit and mope,
And you look at hate and say, “Nope”

I’m done with you,
And all you put me through,
So, here’s what I’m gonna do,
Put my middle finger up and say, “Fuck you”


Let me know what you think

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