National Poetry Day: The Battle I Face

Before I write this one for you all to see, I want to say that I no longer feel the way described in this poem, this was written in February 2013 and I’m a lot happier now than I was back then.

Every window I look out of
And every bird I see fly past
Remind me of the sadness I feel
And how this life will never last.

My life has now become a routine
And no excitement is ever found
Are these the feelings a teenager should have?
Like you’re just working towards being buried underground.

I used to think about my future
And I could always see it being bright
But now I’m filled with doubt
And my sadness is extinguishing the light

Whenever any of my friends ask
I always tell them that I’m fine
Because I don’t want them to worry
These are not their problems, they’re mine.

So many of these problems lie in the past
I agonise over every bad thing I’ve ever done
I doubt it will be very long now
Before I can admit that the sadness has won.


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