National Poetry Day: Snow Feeds Thought

Snow falls, and the World stands still
Children rush out, to experience the thrill
Of the cold sensation, numbing hands and feet
Freezing to their core but never admitting defeat.

The worried parents beckon them to come inside
But they are having too much fun, so they run and hide
However the adults are prepared, they know what to do
Soon, the air is filled with the scent of a chocolaty brew.

The children sniff, smile and sprint
No more reluctance on their part, not even a hint
Now they’re inside, warm and sipping their drinks
But one small boy stops, looks outside and thinks.

He thinks of the snow and how it falls
Never at Christmas, when we deck the halls
He thinks of how beautiful it is, he must admit
So he doesn’t understand why the grown ups complain about it.

They moan constantly when it appears
Turn on the news to confirm their fears
Of blocked roads and closed schools
‘Panic Buying’ like a bunch of fools.

They stock up on things that they just don’t need
Thinking they’re being wise, while their wallets bleed
Children cannot fathom how snow can be seen as a pain
And at times like these, children are, by far, the most sane.


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