National Poetry Day: Pencils

Life, is like a pencil…

Starts out long, with a yearning to make
Drawing out images of moments that may soon be to come
However, if you push too hard, SNAP, the tip will break
Lines you drew you may regret, but then again, there are some…

So you sharpen yourself
And shed the previous mistake
But all those shavings of wood
Are the years that life will take.

So you soldier on
Getting shorter as you go
Never thinking you’ve reached the end
But how were you to know?

CRACK! You’re broken.
And you finally feel your age
But more pencils come along
To continue on the next page.

Quick note. I wrote this last year and this isn’t the perfected version, I tried looking for the finished poem but couldn’t find it anywhere so this is a imperfected draft that I wrote. Should I ever find it I will post the finished poem asap.


Let me know what you think

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