Neafcy’s YouTube Movie Deal

Hello readers, today I’m doing something a little different. I’m going to be doing a tag of sorts created by a Youtuber by the username of Neafcy (I’ll leave a link at the end, he’s quite the poet too, I recommend his channel)
This tag involves questions all about movies. I hope this blog post isn’t technically cheating as it was supposed to be a video but it seemed like an interesting thing to do so here we go.

Question 1: What is the first film you remember seeing?

The first film I remember seeing was the first Pokemon Movie: Mewtwo Strikes Back. This film was a massive part of my childhood as was the anime series on which it came from.
It was a brilliant film, with action, adventure and the saddest moment in film history, the part where every goddamn Pokemon cries. Dammit even thinking about Pikachu trying to coax life back into Ash’s cold, lifeless body is enough to get me going.
I think this film is a big part of many people’s childhood of the 90’s and beyond. Pokemon has brought joy to so many people and this film was so good, okay maybe not the best film ever but I loved it so much and still do.

Question 2: Is it possible to have a favourite film and, if so, what is yours?

Of course it’s possible to have a favourite film and mine is without a shadow of a doubt, the amazing Studio Ghibli film, Spirited Away. I have expressed my love for this film both online and to my friends many, many times. The VERY FIRST anime to ever win an Oscar for the Best Animated Feature Picture at the Academy Awards in 2001, Spirited Away is a beautiful film. In my mind it is unrivaled by any film I have ever seen or will ever see, the story is magnificent, the voice acting is brilliant and the animation style is wonderful. But the thing that really cements my love for this film, is the music. Spirited Away is the only film where I have downloaded the soundtrack on my phone and I listen to it everyday. Day of the River is one of my favourite musical pieces of all time and the vocals in Name of Life are beautiful and sublime.
My love for this film will never end, and everytime I watch it, it brings a smile to my face, it is my light in the darkest of times and the film to top all films. Hence why I thanked Studio Ghibli in a previous post and was devastated to hear they’re stepping down from film-making. Thank you once again Studio Ghibli.

Question 3: What film(s) make you cry?

ONE, only one film has ever made me cry and they were tears of joy, let me tell you. I have never laughed at a film so much in all my time of viewing movies. That film, that fabulous masterpiece was Birdemic: Shock and Terror.
If you haven’t seen this film then you are missing out on the BEST, worst movie of all time.
I find it hard to explain this film because, in all honesty, I still have no clue what the plot is and I don’t want to spoil any of the awful magic for anyone so please, just watch it and you’ll see why I laughed so much and why it’s so awfully good.

Question 4: What film would you magically climb into the world of?

I’ve struggled with this question a lot because there are so many films I’d love to be apart of and live in their worlds. It’s not going to be Spirited Away because while it’s my favourite film, I don’t wanna live in a bathhouse with frog people, not racist to frogs but ya’know, I hear they’re not great company. However after deliberating between many films the one I choose is any Pokemon Movie. Everyone who loves Pokemon wants to be a real Pokemon Trainer and in the world of Pokemon anyone can be. You don’t need qualifications or have good looks or a great personality, anyone from the age of 10 can be a Pokemon Trainer. To have my own Pokemon and travel with them far wide would be a dream come true. I would be the very best, like no-one ever was and it would be awesome.

Question 5: What movie character(s) do you wish you were more like?

The movie character I wish I was more like is Ivan Ooze from the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers movie. The reason for that is because this guy was the embodiment of pure, camp, evil and I love it. Purple, maniacal and puns for days, this guy was awesome and I wish my life was like his, before his inevitable demise that is.

Question 6: How have films influenced you on YouTube or elsewhere in your life?

Now I’m not a YouTuber but movies have influenced me greatly. Movies ignited my love for the world by showing me worlds I could never be apart of. They forced me to look around at the world I live to try and find some good in a world far inferior to the ones I was seeing on my TV screen and I did. My writing is affected by movies as well; I see the writing that made my favourite films great and it pushes me to improve my own writing and keep striving to be better at the thing I love doing.

BONUS Question 7: What film(s) do you hate? Why?

Films I hate are ALL DANCING MOVIES, they are TERRIBLE. I once went to see one in the cinema for a friend’s birthday and I felt like banging my head against a wall lined with extremely volatile explosives. They’re all so cheesy and awful and they make my skin crawl. Now I can appreciate the art of dance and I envy those who can do it, really I do but it doesn’t belong on the big screen in the way it’s being presented at the moment. Perhaps if you remove all the ‘dance battles’ and love interest plots, then maybe a dance movie could work but not right now. They just don’t do it for me.

That should be the end but I want to add a question of my own.
So Question 8: What film(s) haven’t you seen that everyone else says you should see or are critically acclaimed?

For me this list is too long to put onto this post but here are a few:
Shawshank Redemption
Schindler’s List
Citizen Kane
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
The Star Wars prequels.

And that’s all folks, thank you for reading and I invite you to take part in Neafcy’s YouTube Movie Deal and tell your experiences of the world of film.
Thank you.

Neafcy’s YouTube Channel:
Neafcy’s Twitter: @TheUnwashedMass


Poem Review: Frozen

Underdeveloped characters
Silly plot
Unexplained powers
Overrated a lot

Ice brings life?
Catchy song
People liked this?
Something’s wrong.

Animal companions
Parents dead
Typical stuff
From Disney’s head.

It got slowly worse
Bit by bit
To summarise
Frozen’s shit

National Poetry Day: Running

This is the final poem I’ll be posting today, I hope you’ve enjoyed them and I thank you for reading and feel free to leave any feedback. Thank you.

Humans, as a whole, are quite a cowardly lot
We spend our lives running away
Trying to escape the ending to the plot.

Is it instinct from evolution? Or from that of a higher power?
Whatever the cause of our fear
I refuse to live my life simply to cower.

A life fearing death, is no life at all
Why run, when you can look it in the eye?
Face death proudly…And stand tall.

National Poetry Day: From The First Love

A bit of context for this one is needed. This is a poem I wrote during my short time at college, it was a task set by my English lecturer and it’s a reply to the poem ‘First Love’ by John Clare. His is a wonderful poem and I recommend you read it. Anyway, here is the inferior reply to a much superior poem.

I look, he’s there
I turn, a stare
A stare that pierces my very soul
His name? It’s John!
I blink, he’s gone
But his shadow lingers, dark as coal

I walk, I see
A rose, for me?
It has been left there for me to meet
It began, a seed
The thorns, I bleed
And yet, the sentiment is so sweet

I wander, alone
This rose, my own
The flower he left, only for me
He’s waited, a while
He’s red, I smile
It’s true love he feels, and now, I see.

National Poetry Day: City Lights

They are all so bright, with an ominous glow
They come out at night, as sunlight, is their foe
Some are orange, others shine, dazzling white
Providing comfort, for wanderers of the night.

But though they give us comfort, they cloud our vision of the stars
Yet illuminate the traffic, of all the passing cars
The moon is their only ally, the one who comes to play
But their fun is short lived, by the fast approaching day.

They are a mockery of stars! With their stupid, orange shine!
Does it come through your window? It certainly does mine
But they are there for our safety, with all their varying heights
The guardians of the streets, the glowing city lights.

National Poetry Day: Love & Technology

Technology has taken over!
We’ve all fallen for toys!
Why can’t we go back?
Stop playing Angry Birds for joys!

Rainy days or sunshine
Machines are always there!
Whether they be laptops or phones
Anything electronic! We don’t care!

But I must admit
I do enjoy my tech
But that’s just one hand
And I play with a whole deck.

If I only had one day left
I’d just be thinking all the way
I’d go to a field and just lay down.
Yeah, and then think of her smile, all day.

National Poetry Day: The Lack of Inspiration

Words seem to escape me lately
I’m having a block, it angers me
My biggest strength has left me
And now I write with no inspiration
This is the worst thing for a writer to feel
No inspiration is like death knocking at my door
Nothing to write about pains me so
And it feels like I’m nothing too
I don’t even know what this is
A poem? A monologue? Or just scribbles on paper
One thing I do know is, I’ve never felt worse.