Storytime: The Secret Life of Babies (part 1)

A fragile, vulnerable woman; her husband has just left her and she cries herself to sleep.
An opportunity arises, she sees a new man, not a relationship type but enough for a night of comfort.
A passionate night with Juan and a new wine stain on the carpet.
Nine months later and I am born, bald, small and crying. Why the doctor felt the need to slap me, I’ll never know but that’s over now, I have arrived in this strange world and already I have my suspicions.
I am in a room of bright lights and it is filled with strange devices, their function is unknown but I highly doubt they will be useful to me. Big windows show me a different world, much bigger than the one I see around me now, I must attempt to escape there soon.
There are unusual beings surrounding me, I am passed from one being to the next; their idiotic, gorming faces emitting unfamiliar sounds; high pitched and unintelligible, they are clearly beings of low intelligence but I seem to be a similar form to them.
Am I to become what they are? Or am I an exception to their species, a once in a lifetime miracle of nature that will surpass all predecessors? It’s unclear for now, perhaps all beings of this kind begin, like me, highly intelligent but with a fragile body and they slowly become what I see before me, unintelligent but stronger creatures than my current form?
A trade of intelligence for strength? Perhaps. Illogical in reasoning but a necessity in their survival it seems.
I need to learn more about these strange creatures and what they plan to do to me, so far they have told me nothing useful and my situation remains a mystery.
Hmm? A different one has entered this domain, she seems in control, dressed in a white coat and carrying a board of information. She seems key to my learning of this place. I should try to get all the knowledge I can from this one and just my luck she is taking me away from the others, into a different room, filled with others, like me.
Their tiny faces seem just as confused and miserable as mine; could they be in the same predicament as I?
It’s of little importance as of this moment, I have been laid to rest in a confined space and so I shall build up my strength and begin my quest for answers tomorrow…

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