Matt’s Take: Jokes

Jokes are funny. They make me laugh and go,’HA HA’ Jokes are good.
This has been Matt’s Take.

Thank you for reading.


A Change Occurring In The Series ‘Matt’s Take’

Some of you may have noticed I recently started a series called, ‘Matt’s Take’.
Yesterday, I posted the second post of the series and it was very different from the first and the reason for that is I wanted to have a mix of short and snappy posts that got straight to the point and were hopefully mildly amusing in a lazy sort of way but I also want there to be a lot more like the first post which was much longer but also involves me going off on a tangent to try and delve further into the comedy aspect of writing.
The lazy, shorter posts will most likely be more frequent than the longer thought out posts but I still think they’re worth reading.
As always, thank you for reading.

The Most Sincere Thank You: Studio Ghibli

Spirited Away
Recently, Studio Ghibli announced a ‘halt in production’ and are taking a break from making films. Whether or not they return after this ‘break’ is still up for debate but regardless of what happens I have to say that Studio Ghibli is something that I will sorely miss.
Hayao Miyazaki (who left Studio Ghibli in September 2013) and Studio Ghibli are responsible for making my all time favourite movie, Spirited Away.
The love I have for that film is unparalleled by pretty much anything, it is just so beautiful and amazing. It won an Oscar for ‘Best Animation’ in 2002 and it was so well deserved.
The story is fantastic, the music (which I have on my phone) is just magnificent and makes me feel so unbelievably peaceful. The little details in the scenery that make it just that little bit more real and the voice casting was perfection.
Jonathan Ross, in 2003, described Spirited Away as, ‘The best animated film’ he had ever seen and I argue it’s just the best film I’ve ever seen, full stop.
Of course there are more films that Ghibli have produced that are fantastic, such as: Howl’s Moving Castle and Ponyo but Spirited Away is just so special and something I will cherish always.
The news of this ‘break’ has hit many people quite hard and many are hoping it is just a ‘break’, myself included, but if they don’t come back then I want to take this opportunity to say the biggest and most sincere thank you I have ever given. THANK YOU STUDIO GHIBLI! YOU MADE MY CHILDHOOD AMAZING!

Here’s a link for more info on the situation:

Moving Out and Moving In


I am very excited by this and I’m loving life right now!
I’ll have to live with my sister and her boyfriend but it’s not all bad; I’m in charge 😀
I’ve already bought some furniture (I love furniture) and have a new TV (which has Twitter on it) my GameCube and I have been reunited as have me and Spirited Away. Life is awesomazing and it’s only gonna get better.

I’m gonna be an adult and I’m ready for it.

Thanks for reading and I’ll write soon 🙂