Is There Such A Thing As Originality?

Every now and again, this one thought pops into my head. However, I also question the originality of this thought because when you question originality it can lead to questioning everything.

How can anyone be sure if they were the first to do or say or think something? 

There are now over 7,000,000,000 people on this planet and with new person comes a new brain and a mind that capable of questioning the things around it and also a brain and mind capable of thinking up new ideas.

But are they new?

How can anyone confirm that they came up with something that no-one else did? It’s impossible to prove.

For all we know, someone, somewhere, whether it be on this planet or elsewhere in this infinite universe, could have written the entire Harry Potter series, word for word, exactly the same as J.K.Rowling and could have even done it before she did.

Someone could have come up with the Theories of Special and General Relativity before Albert Einstein.

Someone could even have written every word I have just written, exactly as I wrote it and asked the very same question and thought the exact same things as I am right now.

The World is full of extraordinary and unlimited possibilities. It’s also filled with ideas and creations we’ve yet to see. 

But are any of them original?

Thanks for reading.


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