I’m back…sort of.

Hello readers, apologies for the lack of posts over the past 2 months but let’s face it, barely anyone reads them anyway. However I have returned, somewhat, to writing once again. I’ll try and not leave such a big gap next time but I am one of the most inconsistent people you’ll ever know.

Okay then, what’s been going on with the ginger behind the blog?

Well for the past 2 months I have been in the Midlands staying at my aunty’s house and seeing friends and family etc. etc. and I have rather enjoyed it, everyone’s been awesome and I feel privileged to have such brilliant people in my life. However, tomorrow I am going back to Kent and my visit is coming to an end. I will miss everyone and will be sad to go back but I will also be ready to get back to life in Kent.

I also turned 18 recently and it’s been dawning on me just how scary the adult world actually is, I might actually have to get up and do something soon. But the being able to drink alcohol legally has helped with that 😛

Let’s see, is there anything else? Nothing seems to be springing to mind…Nope! I guess that’s it.

Once again apologies for the lack of posts and also I apology for the severe drop in quality this post will undoubtedly show.

Thank you for reading; until next time.


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