Things Change

Right, where to start with this one?

Let’s try location. Currently I am in the West Midlands, staying at my aunty’s house while visiting friends and family.

Where I am is kind of key for this post because it’s affecting my mood and also is one of the reasons I’m writing this.

I have always said that my location doesn’t bother me and that I would be fine pretty much anywhere but coming back to the Midlands this time round has sort of proved me wrong. Before coming back to visit my mood was at an all-time high and I was actually happy, however I’ve been in the Midlands for about 2 weeks now and my mood has just dropped drastically, (should mention, any friends who may read this, you’re not the reason for this in fact seeing you has been the best thing to happen in months). It might be because the trip got off to a bad start and suddenly the list of people I wanted to see was essentially halved and it might also be that I heard nothing but arguments for the first week. But I don’t know, it might be that a lot of stuff has changed lately and I’m only just feeling the impact, I can’t deny that are some big differences that I’m gonna have to get used to and also a lot more responsibilities I’m gonna have to take on. 

Oh well, I’ve got a couple more weeks here, hopefully they’ll be pretty good, I do have some good things coming up and some amazing people to see, including some I haven’t seen since June so that should be awesome.

I’m just gonna try and keep my positive attitude for 2014 going for as long as I can.

Until next time.