Consistent In My Inconsistency.

This blog has never been the best. It hasn’t been going on that long and it lacks structure.

However, I like that. It reflects me as a person and who I am. I am someone who does not like to plan things, I just like to do them and get it over with. In fact I think certain things I do are better because I didn’t plan. This is because I am the kind of person who, when making changes, tends to do the wrong thing. So I don’t plan to change how this blog is done, I intend to keep posting whenever I get the urge to write. My posts will always be varied and I won’t focus on one aspect of life or the world.

This is my style and this is what you should all expect from this blog, should you choose to read it.

Consistent Inconsistency.


I Need More Stupid In My Life

I’m far too serious sometimes. I struggle to find enjoyment in day to day life and I’m getting pretty damn tired of it. 

I need stupidness to make an entrance and cheer me up a bit. Having something or someone in your life who is so ridiculously stupid, whether it be in their behaviour or just the things they say, is one of the best things you could ever have. I need a person in my life who I can just be stupid with and not care about anything else.

I need…Well, I just need to find the stupid in life.

R.I.P Nelson Mandela

I had planned on writing paragraph after paragraph about how great Nelson Mandela was and the things he achieved in his long, eventful life. However after doing some research, I came to realise that no amount of words can ever do justice to the brilliant actions he took, the struggles he went through and the people he has inspired for decades. 

So. as someone who can never even dream of achieving what he has achieved or get close to being as brave, wise and beloved as he was, I can only say this; May you rest in peace Nelson Mandela. You will be sorely missed.


Let’s Talk

I’ve been doing this whole blogging thing for a couple of months now and I found myself asking, ‘What are my followers like?’

So I’ve decided that I would like to start some form of dialogue with you all and would also like to encourage you to comment on some of my posts. The feedback would be appreciated and I would also like to hear some of your views on the things I write about. 

I like doing this blog. I like writing. But what I like even more is when someone questions or discusses things that are put in front of them.

Please feel free to leave whatever comment you like, I don’t mind if it’s criticism.

I understand that at the moment there aren’t many people who read these posts but even so I would like to hear what you would like to see more or less of on this blog.