Language is Power.

Bloggers, I’m sure most of you have a love for writing and enjoy doing your blogs and posting whatever you want in whichever way you want to. But when was the last time you thought about language? 

I don’t mean a specific language like French, German or Swahili; I mean when did you ever just think about words? 

The power that words have is unreal. They are stronger than any armor, they are more deadly than any gun and they are greater healers than any medicine. They can take away or give hope. They cause wars and they end them.

Words are wonderful things, so many meanings and language as a whole is just unbelievably great. Language is flexible, it can bend and adapt depending on the situation; it’s always changing, forever evolving with people.

Words shake us and stir up emotions we didn’t even know we had, they make us laugh, they make us cry. They give birth to great ideas and even greater failures for us to learn from. 

In this world it’s difficult to survive without words; become a master of words and you can rule the world.

Or if you’re not into world domination you can write beautiful poetry, stories, songs for everyone to sing and even silly messages that might make a friend smile.

My love for words is something I will never lose and is something that is hard to rival. Bloggers, readers, people who accidentally clicked on this post because they thought it would be interesting, I ask you this one thing and this one thing only, Will you perhaps, just take a moment and think about what the world would be like without language, without words and then think about how great the world is with that language and with those words? 

Thank you for reading, thank you to those who have followed this blog and thank you to those who may do so in the future. Feel free to leave any comments or feedback, it will be very well received and appreciated. It has been a joy to write this and if even one person reads it I will be most flattered.

See you next time 🙂


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