Why Twitter Is Brilliant And The Effects It Has On This Blog.


Twitter is by far my most favourite social networking site. It’s the site I visit most often and use the most frequently.

I find it funny and also a good way to communicate with both friends and entirely new people all around the world. If you take Facebook and sent a total stranger a friend request for no reason, chances are they’d find that weird but on Twitter it’s completely normal to follow anyone and everyone. And that’s brilliant.

Twitter allows the sharing of thoughts, ideas and sometimes just the mundane ramblings of your average person. It connects people together.

It also has a massive effect on this blog that you see here. The majority of things you see here are merely things that have been mentioned or toyed with on Twitter first except in smaller sections due to the 140 character limit per tweet. My ideas that appear here originate on that site. In fact the only reason I began this blog was to express those ideas without the limitation that Twitter places.

Just to say I have no problem with the limitation that Twitter places. I think it’s a fantastic idea, it gives people the challenge to be interesting in as least words as possible and I like that. Essays are meant for school and for blogs. Twitter gets that.

I first started Twitter in an attempt to be funny and hopefully make a few people laugh (Don’t know if that worked but whatever) Now I use it to vent any stress I have, to keep updated on various subjects, to find humour and to share opinions on different topics. 

Twitter is a very simple idea. And simple ideas are very nearly always the best ones.

Thanks for reading and feel free to give me a follow if you want @MattIsTired and give me some feedback 🙂



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