Night Time Thoughts…

The night is a breeding ground for thoughts of all kinds in my head. I can go from thinking about the meaning of life to thinking how cool it would be to be a ninja.

I don’t know what it is about the night that changes the way I think. It’s weird but I like it. I like the fact that my way of thinking alters depending which part of the day I’m in. I love the fact that my mind is always thinking of all these unusual things, sometimes profound and other times just plain ridiculous. It’s great.

Night time thoughts are undoubtedly my best and worst. They can be dreams that fill me with joy or nightmares that leave me feeling empty. But the conflicting aspects is actually fine by me. 

Thinking about crappy stuff reminds me that I’m human; a person that lives in this world and experiences both good and bad parts of life. Sure the bad parts can stress me out but the good parts more than make up for that.

My friends come up a lot, in my head, at night. Thoughts of missing them, wanting to see them or just remembering how great they all are.

Thoughts on science, religion, the biological order of life, the animals that inhabit the world, the monsters of humanity, the saints. Thoughts on government, democracy; the idea of a false freedom that just helps us forget we’re all tied in to the same fate.

Every thought that appears in my head at night is repeated and repeated; again and again, night after night. And that’s because all my thoughts are always questions without answers. Things we could never explain. Meaning of life, the reason we came to exist. We could all venture our guesses but who could come up with a definitive answer? No-one. And I think that’s pretty cool. The endless mystery that keeps humanity thinking for all of time, striving for an answer and improving upon itself to get that answer.

Anyway, I’ll leave it there. I know this one’s been pretty scattered but that’s Night Time Thoughts for ya. 


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