On Thursday afternoon I was asked by my mom to make some bean toasties for the children of the house. During that, a lot of stuff went wrong, toast was burnt and my sister was complaining. To cut a long story short, I ended up in tears on my bed. 

Now this wasn’t because of some bean toasties and I won’t go into explicit detail about why I was crying either but the fact remains I just broke. Now anyone who knows me already knows that I’m not exactly the happiest person in the world but I guarantee not one of them has ever seen me cry and that’s because Thursday was the first time it’s happened in 7 years. Don’t get me wrong I have gotten pretty damn close to just crying rivers over the past few years but it hasn’t been until now that it’s happened.

The overall reason is stress. 

I’m just constantly stressed out all the time and over the past few months that stress has just building up, day after day, week after week. Until the smallest of things, burnt toast, caused me to snap. 

And I’m not writing about this just to moan, I’m writing this because it’s a good example that stress is just the worst thing for anyone. My stress is probably down to repeating the same thing all the time. I’m stuck in this tedious routine: Work, internet, sleep. There’s no going out, I’m just in the same place all the time and it’s a depressing place to be and considering there’s 11 people all squeezed into a 3 bedroom house it’s very claustrophobic and there’s very little chance you’ll get any time for yourself.

ANYWAY, enough of me telling you my life story and onto the point of this post. 

Take some time for yourself and change your scenery whenever you can. 

Don’t stay in one place for too long and don’t wait until you breakdown before you realise how stressed you are like I did.

Oh and don’t make bean toasties. 



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