On Thursday afternoon I was asked by my mom to make some bean toasties for the children of the house. During that, a lot of stuff went wrong, toast was burnt and my sister was complaining. To cut a long story short, I ended up in tears on my bed. 

Now this wasn’t because of some bean toasties and I won’t go into explicit detail about why I was crying either but the fact remains I just broke. Now anyone who knows me already knows that I’m not exactly the happiest person in the world but I guarantee not one of them has ever seen me cry and that’s because Thursday was the first time it’s happened in 7 years. Don’t get me wrong I have gotten pretty damn close to just crying rivers over the past few years but it hasn’t been until now that it’s happened.

The overall reason is stress. 

I’m just constantly stressed out all the time and over the past few months that stress has just building up, day after day, week after week. Until the smallest of things, burnt toast, caused me to snap. 

And I’m not writing about this just to moan, I’m writing this because it’s a good example that stress is just the worst thing for anyone. My stress is probably down to repeating the same thing all the time. I’m stuck in this tedious routine: Work, internet, sleep. There’s no going out, I’m just in the same place all the time and it’s a depressing place to be and considering there’s 11 people all squeezed into a 3 bedroom house it’s very claustrophobic and there’s very little chance you’ll get any time for yourself.

ANYWAY, enough of me telling you my life story and onto the point of this post. 

Take some time for yourself and change your scenery whenever you can. 

Don’t stay in one place for too long and don’t wait until you breakdown before you realise how stressed you are like I did.

Oh and don’t make bean toasties. 



Being ‘Random’ Doesn’t Exist

People these days seem to forget the meaning of words and apply them to situations where they have no meaning. One such word is ‘Random’. It seems that everything is random to certain people. I’ve seen people post photos on certain social networking sites with the tag line ‘Random, I know’. HOW IS IT RANDOM?! 

If you intentionally do something it is NOT random. If I ran up to someone and pulled a stupid face that wouldn’t be random, it would be weird, but not random. Because I INTENTIONALLY did it. If you fell over, that would be random. If your house exploded, that would be random. But if you do something deliberately, then it is not random.

I don’t know why I write stuff like this on here. It’s pretty pointless and not worth anyone’s time to read. 

Random I know 😉

People are stupid…

I should probably elaborate on that title. SOME people are stupid. I’m talking about the homophobic ones this time. I don’t really have a reason to write about it now, it’s just something I think about from time to time. But yeah, people are stupid.

I’ve always thought of myself as quite open minded and I’ve always agreed that homosexual people should have the exact same rights as straight people and should be treated in exactly the same way.

You get these real moronic people that think that they have the right to prevent others being themselves. I don’t really like those people. I think they need to open their eyes and try bringing themselves into this century. 

You also get religious people who try to use the argument, ‘It goes against the will of God’ etc etc. If your god was all that bothered surely they wouldn’t have made homosexuals in the first place? God in many religions is seen be omniscient or ‘all-knowing’ SO DOESN’T THAT MEAN THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING AND COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT GAY PEOPLE?

Seriously, I don’t get what some people’s problem is. I have a couple of followers on Twitter who are gay and quite honestly, they’re awesome. One of them’s called Matt and he kicks arse on Halo 4. The other one’s called Sean and I don’t know how he is on Xbox I’ve never played him but he’s still pretty cool. 

If I ever have a son or daughter who comes up to me when I’m reading or something and they say, ‘Dad, I’m gay.’ I’m gonna say, ‘Okay’ and keep reading. Firstly because if it’s a really good book I’m not gonna put it down for anything and second, IT’S NOT A BIG DEAL!

Why must there be this whole process of ‘coming out’? It’s pointless.

Why even ask? If your son or daughter comes home with someone of the same sex and they’re in a relationship then accept it. Isn’t the main job of a parent to raise your children to be happy and healthy? Let them be happy and make sure they eat their fruit and veg. SORTED.

I guess I’ll end this one here, I’ll just keep rambling otherwise but yeah, to summarise; People are stupid. Gays are cool. Matt’s good at Halo 4. Sean’s also cool. Eat your vegetables. I like reading.

Those are the main points to take away from this post.

See ya for the next one.


Being Your Own Worst Enemy.

I’m sure that a majority of people will say that they are their own worst enemy, right? This statement of being your worst enemy couldn’t be more true.

In my eyes that’s probably the best thing about people. Being your own worst enemy isn’t a bad thing, yes sometimes it may seem like it is but if you really think about it, it’s the greatest method to see your flaws and improve on them.

As I’m writing about this I can’t help but think of the phrase, ‘Keep your friends close but your enemies closer’ Who’s closer to you than yourself? Your greatest enemy is yourself and by becoming your greatest enemy you become your greatest ally.

Improve on yourself, create better versions of yourself. The only way to grow is to realise that you need to.

I’m guilty of being quite arrogant at times and I know that and have known that for a number of years and after meeting certain people that I quite liked to keep around I decided to try and improve on that. I like to think I have improved at least a little bit over the years, I mean there’s people who I couldn’t even talk to without being mean and now they’re pretty good friends.

I might not be expressing myself very well in this one but the point i’m trying to get across is by being your worst enemy you allow yourself to improve and live a better life.