Being Alone Sucks

On the 5th of June I had to say goodbye to a lot of people. Moving over 200 miles away from everyone you hold dear isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, especially when you didn’t have a choice in the matter. I’m sure many people have had to do the same, leave all your friends behind, your home, your life. But the knowledge that others have done the same doesn’t really provide any comfort. People say, ‘You’ll be fine’ ‘You’ll make new friends’ but I don’t want to make new friends, why would I? I already have the best, why should I settle for anything else? 

I went back recently to visit and it didn’t hit me how much I had actually missed everyone until I saw them. I had an amazing few days with them and I was nearly in tears when I had to say goodbye yet again. 

I don’t know why I’m writing this maybe I just get tired of having things in my head. But the reason doesn’t matter I suppose. It’s here now.

Should my friends see this I want you to know I really am missing every single one of you and I hope you’re all alright. Liam, Becky, Fletch, Lauren, Amber, Anisa, Chelsea, keep me updated, yeah? Any little things just let me know please.

They probably won’t see it anyway. Oh well, I guess that’s all I’ve got for this one.


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