Offence Rules the World.

Offensive behaviour, words, content etc. has been massively blown out of proportion over the past few years. There’s very little anyone can say anymore without someone screaming ‘Offence’. It’s getting out of control. Obviously I’m not saying just let people say whatever they damn well please because there are limits. Racism, sexism, attacks against specific religions, these are the major limits required. Then there’s insulting other people, whether it be on appearance, intellect or anything else; that’s not right in an aggressive fashion. However it’s all about the context and the way something is said. Some people find certain jokes offensive which is fair enough but that doesn’t mean the joke should be banned. Different things offend different people. It’s impossible to say something that wouldn’t offend at least one person. If you’re offended by something then be offended but don’t start a rampage against the thing that’s offended you because that just gives birth to more aggression and pointless energy being wasted. Be offended. It’s not a bad thing to be. It just shows you’re different and unique to everyone else in the world. Be offended and be glad.


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