Thoughts on Humans

The Human race is quite possibly one of the most complex things imaginable. It’s an endless sea of oxymorons. It’s happy, it’s sad. It creates, it destroys. It lives and it dies. It’s perhaps the most amazing and yet the most ordinary thing that we’ve ever known.

I only write this post today because I’ve had these thoughts for a while and I’m getting kind of tired of them just floating around in my head. In complete seriousness though I am forever astounded at the world and those inhabiting it for both good and bad reasons.

I’ll mostly be focusing on the good aspects of Humans today though.

For those of you that are very religious you may not agree with what I may say in regards to how I describe people and the things they’ve achieved but that doesn’t mean you won’t agree with my view on just how amazing people are. People are the greatest thing to ever come into existence, whether it be through evolution or if some deity put us here, I don’t care; the fact remains we exist and that’s all that matters. The very subject on how we came into being just shows the brilliance of people. We won’t ever be the same as one another, we will always disagree and have different opinions. We have people who believe that some greater power created the universe and gave us everything we see today. That belief is something worth admiration regardless of if it’s true or not, to be able to stay loyal to your faith no matter what is said to you or counter argument is put forward is amazing. The same with those who aren’t religious, those who strive to understand the world through science and research, always working to unravel the secrets of the universe. 

Then we have people who just live to make others happy, those who just make you happy without even knowing, those who smile at even the hardest times and those who keep trying no matter what life throws at them. 

We have the inventors, the poets, the creators of film, music, art, literature. So many creative people. Geniuses of their individual fields, inspirations to all. We have people who see the beauty of anyone and everyone, we have those who are the most beautiful but can’t even see it themselves. 

Humans love, we stand by those we care about. We sacrifice for others, we hurt for others. We stand tall against any attack, we defend those who can’t do it themselves.

I could really go on all day about the unbelievable awesomazingness of people. And yes I know awesomazingness isn’t a word but I like it. And I also know that Humans aren’t all good either but I think we should all just realise how amazing Humans are for once. In this world of darkness and hate, why can we not just see the shining light that people offer? See that light and smile.

To put all this simply, I love people.


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