Results Mania.

People will be receiving results around the country in a few hours. A lot of those people are stressed out over if they will pass or fail. To those people I say, chill out.

There is absolutely no point in getting worked up over a piece of paper. Why should the results you get from a silly exam make you stress so much? And why must it decide your future? If you pass, you pass and if you fail then you fail. It doesn’t matter. Young people these days are being programmed into thinking that good grades mean everything and that the most important thing is to pass your exams. Why?

I cannot for the life of me figure out what went wrong with the world. Why are young people just not allowed to live how young people should? We should be smiling everyday, laughing and just living. Young people don’t get to be young anymore; we’re forced into a ‘mature’ state of mind, where we must worry about the future and how we will get jobs and survive. In all honesty I’d rather not.

I don’t need to get a ‘good’ job or have a ‘nice’ house, I don’t need to stress over how I’ll get money or what I’m going to do in the future. When did the world lose faith in it’s younger generation? We can work it out on our own; we don’t need the constant nagging.

I truly hate the way these silly results affect people, good people. Why must I watch my friends cry simply because of an exam? It isn’t right. I look at my friends and think, ‘You’re amazing, so why are you so worried?’ 

Anyway, seriously we all need to just take a step back and realise not everything hangs on these results. Nothing is decided in the next few hours. No-one will think less of you if you fail and you are guaranteed my respect for even attempting these exams; I can only hope everyone else respects you too.


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