Super Mario Sunshine: Best Game Ever?


The game I write about now is nothing less than happiness in a box. Even the name promotes happiness ‘Super Mario Sunshine’ it’s just great. I should mention that Super Mario Sunshine is my all-time favourite game; there is no other game that I loved playing as much as this.

However the question I ask today is whether this is the ‘Best Game’ which is a completely different matter than that of favouritism. This game is indeed very, very good. It has excellent gameplay, it was a fresh concept to the Super Mario series , with a variety of new enemies and also new methods of defeating those enemies rather than just jumping on their heads.

Also the graphics and look of this game were, quite frankly, amazing for the time of it’s release. If you were to compare this game to a Super Mario game on the Wii, for example, you’d hardly see a difference.

There is one thing that may disappoint some people about this game and that’s the story. In terms of actual stories, it’s less like a novel and more like a children’s book but in a game like this I think that’s kind of the point. Everything in this game is silly and childlike, even Bowser. He’s not at all scary or intimidating in this game and Nintendo actually turned him into a domesticated father with the addition of Baby Bowser.

The lies that Bowser told his son, claiming that Princess Peach was his mother, allowed us to see a human side to the villain we’d loved to hate. It was new. That’s the thing that made me love this game so much. It’s because they took an old series in a new direction, adding new tools such as F.L.U.D.D. and also each boss was completely different to the last. It wasn’t just ‘HEY, YOU SEE THIS BOSS? YOU SHOULD SPRAY HIM WITH WATER!’ and also it isn’t just ‘You should jump on this dude’ like in previous games.

The best example of this is Petey the Pirahna Plant. He is the first boss you face in the game; during the first battle you have to spray water into his mouth and then ground pound his stomach however we meet Petey again except he sits too far for your water to reach. SO WHAT DO YOU DO? You shoot little pigs at him of course. Another new concept and method of defeating enemies just to beat the same boss.

Nintendo went all out on this game. They made something truly amazing and just the right amount of silly to bring smiles to anyone who plays it.

So back to my original question, Is Super Mario Sunshine the ‘Best Game’ ever? And the answer I’ve come up with is that I just don’t care. It doesn’t need to be the best game, it will still always be my favourite.


Let me know what you think

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