Kings of Gaming: Nintendo

This one is dedicated purely to, perhaps, the greatest gaming company on the planet; Nintendo. Throughout the last couple of decades Nintendo has gained the respect and love of millions of gamers. They may not have the best technology or the best graphics in their games but Nintendo know their audience like no other company. They cater for many different people and offer a wide variety of games. You may say ‘Well so do other companies’ however, the games that Nintendo produce inspire more happiness in gamers than anything else could. Nintendo has given us such games as ‘Legend of Zelda’ and the ‘Super Mario’ series alongside others only available on their consoles such as the Pokemon series produced by GameFreak. As a gamer I found no greater joy than when playing these games and the reason I think these games are loved so much is because Nintendo doesn’t go over the top. Companies like Microsoft and Sony will produce games and focus so much on how it looks that they sometimes forget that games are supposed to tell a story and connect to those playing. Nintendo rarely makes that mistake. However while I sing their praises for this reason I must also say that in recent years Nintendo has left me feeling disappointed. When the Nintendo Wii was released I looked upon it in awe. I was expecting so much after playing the Gameboy and the Gamecube but the Wii just didn’t deliver. Neither did the DS or 3DS. Don’t get me wrong they are great consoles and have many good qualities but they lack that special quality that previous Nintendo consoles had. I will never look at a Wii or a DS and think ‘That was worth every penny’ but, even today, I still think of the Gameboy and Gamecube and genuinely smile; I want to play them again. The reason Nintendo were the Kings of Gaming, in my opinion, was because they made consoles that you literally fell in love with. You didn’t see them as machines, you saw them as part of your life of gaming and would keep them in your memories no matter what came next. That’s the Nintendo that everyone fell in love with and that’s the Nintendo I want to see come back.


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